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ar·ti·san (ärt-zn, -sn) n.
A skilled manual worker; a craftsperson.

The Artisan is a brand that focuses on cut and sewn pieces. Fairly new in the clothing industry, the brand was brought about by the desire of its owners, Enrico Suarez, EJ Reyes and Christian San Jose, to create a line that would be able to provide affordable, well-made leisurewear that would reacquaint the local industry with the beauty of clothing.

Through classic threads inspired by 1950’s American work wear and the attention to detail by Japanese clothing designers, The Artisan wants to reintroduce basics to the consumer and let them discover their own style. As the clothes being a canvas for the man to ease his way into himself, The Artisan gives topmost priority to the process of creating and structuring their garments. From picking fabrics to use, the silhouettes and the buttons each step is given importance and great attention.

Limited to 10 pieces per size, The Artisan wants to provide the buyer with the luxury of exclusivity without leaving their consumer broke.

Style is not a privilege of a few but a choice that any man should be able to make, and as a clothing line, we want to be able to offer our consumer that choice without the constraints of having to shell out more than what should really be spent for.

Enrico Suarez, @kixsuarez / E-mail →


Hello, I am Enrico Suarez, a 22-year old AB Interdisciplinary Studies graduate from Ateneo de Manila University.

The Artisan is my baby, I handle the clothing design and style, from idea to fruition. I’m also responsible for sourcing the finest garments & materials, and I make sure that the craftsmanship is consistent across all our products.

From time-to-time, I also write in our blog. Outside of The Artisan, you can catch me on the Lowe Worldwide grounds.

EJ Reyes, @enjoyej / E-mail →


I am EJ Reyes, a 19-year old entrepreneur from Pasig, Philippines.

I run the business operations for The Artisan ― from keeping the inventory up to date, to making sure all of our customers’ orders are fulfilled and processes are running smoothly.

Aside from The Artisan, I enjoy eating, sleeping, and traveling. In that order. Gnarly! is also one of my business ventures, make sure you check that out too.

Christian San Jose, @csj89 / E-mail →


Hello, I’m Christian San Jose, a 21-year old designer from Pasig, Philippines.

I’m in charge of the brand strategy and design of The Artisan ― from the design and typography, to every bit of code that goes in our website ― I make sure that the same attention to detail given to the experience that surrounds the product, is as good as the product itself.

CSJ89 is a collection of my work. By profession, I’m the founder of